About Ecoservice Group

Our mission is simple: Enable the best shared mobility experience.



It all dates back to 2010 when we (Will, Hank and Sam) were inspired to start a waterless car wash business. At this point, our mission was to save the planet (a million) tonnes of water.

Though Ecoservice came into the world as a mobile carwash company, our waterless concept quickly grew into something much more advanced. The pinnacle of our awareness met with the breakthrough point of a growing industry, and soon we were involved in a new concept altogether: carsharing.

Ecoservice became the operational servicing integration for shared mobility operations like BMW ReachNow, and soon after we began developing an alternative opportunity to service shared mobility with technology.

Ecomobix, our end-to-end mobility platform, promises to pave the way - not only for the future of shared mobility - but for the future of our ever growing mission.

And soon, shared mobility will be available for everyone, anywhere.