We see carsharing as a sustainable and gradual path to Autonomous Ride-hailing. Until the cost of a trip becomes lower than a customer driving him/herself, carsharing will be the highest contributor to displacing individual vehicle ownership for many years to come.

Powering carsharing with smart technology

Ecomobix provides the complete end-to-end mobility platform for companies wanting to enter the carshare market.

Our proprietary software combines people, cars and places into one platform utilization the data to truly give your customers unparalleled convenience and experience.


The leader in car share operations

Ecoservice is the service provider and operations arm of choice for North America's leading carshare operators. We developed the world's first workforce software and mobile app designed specifically for carshare technicians, resulting in unmatched operational efficiencies. Competitors are spending up to 30% more for the same workload.