Meet Ecomobix: Our Carshare Operating System

If you haven’t yet met our carshare operating system, Ecomobix, it’s about time you do. Whether you are a new carshare operation, a disruptive ride-hailing venture, or a future-forward autonomous fleet provider, these tech offerings will revolutionize your venture.

Here we’ve summarized the best offerings from Ecomobix, the most intelligent and efficient carshare operating system on the planet.

Carshare operating system features

Mobility Platform

Ecomobix delivers an advanced mobility platform paving the way for innovation in this arena of carsharing. This mobility platform implements data from real-time vehicles, people and places to maximize the member experience and up-level convenience. 

Workforce Management

Eco Dispatch is a mobility platform that streamlines your in-field workforce with the location-based knowledge it provides. The system dispatches tickets appropriately based on technicians that are in the nearest vicinity to the vehicle in question. It also allows technicians to rebalance vehicles to hot zones more efficiently.  

Eco Dispatch allows you to reduce in-field fleet management expenses by up to 66% when compared to a traditional dispatch system.

AI Machine Learning for Predictions and Suggestions

AI machine learning allows for predictions and suggestions that, over time, will lessen the expenditures of your fleet manager. By learning the usage patterns of your members over time, the system can calculate and make suggestions for rebalancing vehicles before potential revenue, an outcome that is always consistent with an imbalanced fleet.

The intelligent system helps to ensure that parking availability up-levels customer convenience. The system provides real-time parking suggestions to the members based on the cold and hot zones, times of day, and nearby parking availability at the member’s destination. 

End User Mobile Apps

White-labeled, customizable end user mobile apps are another offering, with features like built-in navigation systems, allowing your members to remain on your app during the duration of the trip, and suggestions for available parking. 

Ready to learn more about how the tech offerings of Ecomobix can revolutionize your carshare operation and completely up-level the member experience you are able to provide? Go here to request a demo and get the full scope of the brilliance of Ecomobix.